Thursday, 6 July 2017

Since we've last spoke, I have been trying to juggle my mental health with my work life and personal life.
I have a new job at the hospital and am hoping to work in the mental health unit in the near distance future in order to give me a taste of how my working life would be if I was to pursue a job as a mental health nurse.

My life has been up and down this year, and truth be told, I literally could not be bothered to blog but then I realised that blogging would be perfect way to get away from my life for a bit and so here I am again.

Some new updates in my life though:

a) I've got a new job, as mentioned in the second sentence of this post, at the hospital so no more working at shitty McDonalds; while I do love Maccies food, working there is a complete different story

b) this is a big one in my life but my friend finally pushed me to get some help for my mental health (which I am more than grateful for) and I have now started medication for my depression and anxiety which has helped a lot!

c) somehow I have managed to cut down on my spending on makeup which is fab but now I have started spending shit loads on food so I may start doing food/restaurant posts perhaps? we'll have to wait and find out aha

d) I had discovered the most breathtakingly delicious food, commonly known as chicken teriyaki. I love all things chicken - except cold chicken, I really don't know how people eat that - and am surprised I have never tried this before as it's now my new favourite food!

e) and finally I've dyed my hair a burgundy/red shade after complaining for the past million years of how much my hair was turning ginger since I last bleached. This is probably the closest I've ever gotten to the hair colour I've always wanted which is just the best.

Til next time,
Nazia xo