Saturday, 31 October 2015

The Birthday Post

I turned 19 three days ago (28th October) and this year I decided to do a 'birthday week' rather than a 'birthday' as usually not everyone is free on my birthday and I love having things to look forward to over a span of a few days. 


My 'birthday week' actually started on the 25th where my family ordered some cake and my sister made roast chicken and veg with some yorkshire pudding, which I absolutely love. My sister gave me my present that day, which I will talk more about after.

On the Monday, I had uni until 6 which was very boring and I came home to an emoji pillow on my bed, which is very soft and I'm currently resting my head on it as I'm typing this. I went to a restaurant after, Irmak Grill which sells Turkish food, yum.  For starters, I had some turkish bread which tastes even better with some garlic sauce. Then I ordered myself Chicken shish which is chargrilled chicken with salad (which I didn't eat) and I opted for some chips with it. It was soo delicious and much better than Lamb Shish I had a few weeks back. For dessert, I had warm chocolate fudge cake with some ice cream!

On Tuesday, I had uni again until 4 but then I went out to another restaurant that's recently opened up where I live: Downtown Dessert. I chose meat lasagne with chips and onion rings. The meat lasagne had the perfect amount of spice for me; I could feel the spicy-ness of it but it wasn't so spicy that I was chugging down water after lol. The sauce that came with my meal was sweet chilli, which was just sweet so I didn't like that at all. For dessert, I ordered a waffle with strawberries, whipped cream, ice cream and chocolate. It was mouth-wateringly tasty!

On Wednesday (my actual birthday), I went cinemas with my nephew and sister. We watched Hotel Transylvania 2 which i was super excited to watch, and I was not disappointed. I recommend the movie to everyone because it was soo good. I really want to watch the first now lol. After that, I bought a subway which was so yum.

Onto my actual presents now, I was planning on doing just a post on my birthday presents but then thought that it would be more interesting if I talked about everything I did. I did purchase some items for myself, but some of them are yet to arrive so I'll do a post of what I bought for myself when they do arrive.

My brother bought me the NARS Virtual Domination Palette as an early birthday present, back in August, which I've talker more about here.

I received a Benefit How To Look The Best At Everything in Deep, I've only used the Boi-ing Concealer in Shade 4 so far but I love how it feels on my skin so far. I've been after the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette for so long now, and was soo happy when I received this. I've only used the last three shades ('cover', 'primal' and 'undone') so far, but they blend like a dream! My sister also gifted me the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer and Benefit's Hoola Bronzer which I'm still yet to use. She also gave me Smashbox's Photo Finish foundation Primer which I used on my birthday and i'm currently liking at the moment.

My sister also gave me Ted Baker's Slim Bow Pencil Case which I'll use to store my makeup in if I go out of town for the day and Ted Baker's Slim Bow Small Wash Bag which I'll use for holidays. I also recieved an Armani Jeans Purse which I was so shocked to receive, especially since I only just got given a purse for my last birthday. I'm going to be saving this purse for special occasions, days out and holidays.

Nazia xo

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