Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Real Technique Dupes

As mentioned a few times on my blog, about a month ago I ordered some brushes off the good old eBay. I mainly wanted a stippling brush, but didn’t want to fork out a tenner for one so I purchased some cheap ones which arrived all the way from China within two weeks. As these brushes are from China, I’m not sure whether they are very animal-friendly or not, nevertheless these brushes are very reminiscent of Real Technique brushes!

The first brush I knew I would definitely be purchasing was a stippling brush. At first glance, this brush could easily be mistaken for a Real Techniques’ Stippling Brush. This brush has both short, black bristles and long, bristles hairs which reminds me a lot of duo-fibre brushes. The bristles are very soft to the touch, but not as soft as Real Techniques’ Like the other brushes I also bought, the ferrule is pink (the exact shade as the Real Technique ones) with a black handle and is made from plastic so you can definitely hear how cheap it is, if you were to tap it. The pink ferrule is also a much duller colour than a Real Technique brush. For application, stippling brushes are best for stippling on foundation or any cream products such as cream blushes. However, I am yet to find a way to actually stipple on foundation with this brush without any streaks. Instead I use this brush for applying powder on my face as I do have an oily, combination skin. I think I might be stippling the foundation in a wrong way perhaps, so I will definitely be practicing more with that.

The next brush I bought was a flat top brush. This reminds me of a less ‘denser’ version of the Real Techniques Buffing Brush which I don’t own. I bought this mostly because I enjoy using a brush to apply my foundation on with. The bristles on this brush are all one length, they’re a deep brown colour with the ends dyed white, which mimics duo-fibre brushes. These kind of bristles are very ‘on-trend’ currently as most brands are selling similar brushes like hot cakes. This brush is definitely one of the most softest brushes I have ever owned. As the brush isn’t as dense as I’d like it to be, I don’t use it for foundation, but do use it for applying my primer with or buffing in powder. This brush cost me just 99p with 19p post and packaging, like the previous brush I owned and it was definitely worth the £1.18. 

The last brush has quickly become one of my favourite brushes – a setting brush. This one, unlike the other brushes, has a Real Techniques logo on it and does say ‘setting brush’ on the other side of the brush. But I really don’t think this is a real Real Techniques brush as it cost me just 99p with 50p post and packaging. The handle is also black on this and the ferrule is pink, but more of a fuschia pink so is a shade or two darker than the other brushes and the Real Technique brushes. The bristles are not densely packed and are a very ‘domed shape’ with black bristles that have a white tipped. The tip of my brush is a different colour now but that’s only because I haven’t washed it since I last used it, but it definitely does wash back to the white colour. All of the brushes don’t shed, which is always fab. The reason this brush is one of my favourites is because it applies the perfect amount of highlighter so there is no way you can go overboard with highlighting (unless you use the highlighter in the Sleek Face Contour Kit).

I would definitely recommend these brushes as they cost all just under £4 and they’re such amazing quality for the price. I’m sure you can buy these brushes from sellers in the UK but they do charge a couple of pounds extra, and to be honest I don’t mind waiting a few weeks for the brushes. I have reviewed another eBay brush, like the Nars Kabuki Artisan Yachiyo Dupe, on my blog before too.

Have you purchased any eBay brushes before and how was your experience with it?

Nazia xo