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Autumn/Winter Beauty Swaps - Madison Victoria

Hello my name is Maddie and I come from a little blog with a small community across the pond called Madison Victoria x ( and last week I approached Nazia due to being an avid follower of Nazia's blog. Nazia and myself had a few ideas but today chose to do our Autumn Beauty swaps which means to talk through all the items I swap around in my makeup as we transition into one of my favourite seasons; Autumn. 

One of the first products I swap is my base as in the Summer I wear a variety of bases from a light base like the Bourjois CC Cream to a more heavy coverage like the Max Factor Face Finity Foundation that claims to include primer, foundation and concealer although I still pop a primer underneath and a concealer over the top especially when you have bags like mine. This base gives more of a matte finish due to its oil absorbency qualities which is a god send for us oily girls and stays on for the majority of the day without many touch ups.  

Second of all I have my Maybelline Fit Me concealer with its sleek packaging and Nars creamy consistency. One of this concealers claims is that it is supposed to have a translucent base meaning that the natural highs and lows of your skin although I do not notice this property it does make my skin look fresher without highlighting my problem areas. Maybelline have made this concealer so it has even, natural and breathable qualities meaning that it is suitable for even sensitive and blemish prone skin. This concealer claims to fix all problem areas be it blemishes or redness it conceals with a bit of extra help from your base. 
Another base product that I change in my make-up bag is my bronzer as in the Summer I tend to stay away from my bronzers as I have a natural Summer glow but when it enters the Autumn months. I grab a bronzer that makes me look a bit more alive and less dead as I lose my summer tan. The bronzer I love is the Benefit Hoola Bronzer due to its warm tones that give me a natural glow. Its glow means I don't look overly tanned and look like an orange snowman but gives me more of a just landed from Spain glow. I dust it in a three shape to give my face a bit more structure and warmth.

Changing from the shimmery light pinks I transition in to the warm berry tones and this Creme Puff Blush is prefect in the shade Gorgeous Berries. The pigmentation is quite strong so when applying do it with a gentle hand to prevent over doing it. This berry toned blush can give a flush of colour in winter months and give the desired just been out in the snow look and goes perfectly with that black thick scarf you have hidden in the back of your wardrobe as the winter and autumn months approach.

Moving on to the eyes I change from the champagne shimmer bases to darker shaded eyeshadow sticks and cream shadows. One I recently picked up is the Kiko Cosmetics Long Lasting Shadow Stick in 05. This shadow has a complex colour with a hint of brown but has a purple and rosy tone as well. The shadows claim to be waterproof but I am unable to comment on this because even though I encounter rain a lot in the UK I haven't had time to test it out. Although the pigmentation is fab and it has a long lasting power and even when you get towards the end of the day and start rubbing your eyes the colour does not budge with a hint of shimmer running all the way through.

Another eye product I retrieve from my make-up collection in the Autumn months is the original Naked Palette (although the Smoky one looks great for this time of the year). With a range of shades from pink tones to deep shades including browns, greys, taupes and blacks. This palette has a range of finishes including matte, satin, sparkle and shimmery which makes it possible to create a wide range of looks from smoky eyes to simple everyday looks. Each eyeshadow, except for a few champagne and pink toned shades, have perfect pigmentation with a long lasting power so you can create looks in a small amount of time and have them last all day, which is great when you want that extra ten minutes in bed. 

Lastly I change my lip shades from a light pink Chanel shade to quite a dark and nude shade of lipgloss from Urban Decay. This lipgloss claims to be ultra nourishing; however, I find them slightly sticky when you apply to much. They have a creamy texture with an exceptional high gloss finish which as I said may result in a bit of sickness so it might be worth staying out of the wind. It is great to put on to tie any look together or just need a quick and easy look for when you are running late in the morning. Although if I want a more bold lip colour which is more than likely in the Autumn/ Winter months and with a matte finish it is perfect to create that bold lip look. With fab pigmentation and has a velvety and satin application meaning that it lasts a good time whether you be eating, talking or just going around your normal life and it needs very few touch ups, if any. 

That is it! I hope you enjoyed this post and swim across to my side of the pond and have a bit of a look around. I was wondering if you have any products you swap in for in the Autumn/ Winter months?

From Maddie xx

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  1. You can't go wrong with the Naked palette for this season :)
    I also love the Max Factor blush, its such a gorgeous colour!!x

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