Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Sunday Edit #5

As mentioned in this post, I haven’t been posting as much as I really don’t want to just publish any posts that I am hundred percent satisfied with.

D O I N G 

In the past two weeks, I've had pizza three times which is really unhealthy but to be fair I do have a reason; I got into university and my parents wanted to treat me and my siblings! As I just mentioned, I've been accepted into a university but it took a while for it to happen. I was quite disappointed with my results and I didn't get accepted by my firm offer. I tried phoning them during clearing, as usually they lower the amount of ‘points’ required to enter the uni but this particular uni still had the high standards so unfortunately I didn't get into that uni. The course I would be doing would be history as I love history. But as I read all the history courses offered by universities, I realised that I preferred learning about my favourite part of history – modern history in particular world war two, however the universities would be covering a lot more of history in a short deal so I decided to change my mind. In a month time, I will be reading health and social care at my local uni which I am quite proud to do! I also visited Watford last weekend and went to their infamous Tinseltown Restaurant, which I honesty do not recommend. The food wasn't up to my standards, especially for the price you were paying. However, the milkshakes were super yummy, especially The Ambassador which I highly recommend you get if you do go that restaurant. I have found a ‘dupe’ for this milkshake. That sounds so weird saying it for food and drinks, but honestly the milkshake I had a few days ago definitely tastes the same but for a lot cheaper! My local takeaway shop sells milkshakes and the Ferrero Rocher flavour tastes exactly the same!


My brother gave me an early birthday present (my birthday’s October 28th!) when he came back from Germany! It was NARS’ Virtual Domination Palette which I have been using ever since! As mentioned in this post, I started off on a bad note with NARS’ Laguna Bronzer but I've been loving it for warming up for my face! My sister also bought me MAC’s Whirl Lipstick for getting into uni and I can’t wait til it arrives! I've been using hers as I'm (im)patiently waiting for mine to come and I am obsessed with the colour! It is a perfect nude colour for my medium-dark skin girls. It’s just a bit darker than MAC’s Taupe Lipstick which I also am currently obsessed with.


Last week I picked up the tester for MAC’s Studio Sculpt Foundation and have had it on my skin for about 2 hours so far and looove it for my oily skin. It looks soo natural on my skin and perhaps even makes me look younger! I will be posting a review for this soon as I have completely test this out!


I have been the typical blogger this week and have been hauling at LUSH this month. I published a post here and I honestly cannot stop buying from there! It’s soon become my favourite shop!

Nazia xo


  1. Congrats on getting into uni, I hope you enjoy your course! It sounds like you've had a lovely week!

    Aim | x x

    1. Thank you! And my week definitely was great, hope yours was too!xx