Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Sunday Edit #4

As suggested by the title, I've been doing this series for a month now which is the longest I've kept doing something consistently. As some of you may have noticed (or maybe not, aha) I didn't publish a post yesterday nor today as I've been busy. I had an hour spare yesterday however it takes a lot longer than an hour to take pictures, edit and write a post – something which everyone doesn't realise when you first start blogging.

the sunday edit, sunday edit


I haven’t been up to much this week, but more so near the end of the week. I went Milton Keynes and brought a pair of heels for the wedding I attended yesterday. I got a pair of suede, black kitten heels which I didn't like that they were named as kitten heels as they were a lot bigger than kitten heels, at least 3 inches I’d say. Also because I used to wear kitten heels when I was 8 so I felt like a youngster again, however those heels did make me feel tall even though I was still the shortest in my family with them on. Yesterday I applied some fake nails which I got for a pound (I think) from Wilkos. I painted them a deep purple colour as they were French manicure and I don’t like French manicures. I put them on and they still have lasted me today even though I've gotten them wet a few times through washing up and washing my face etc. I never realised how hard it is to wear fake nails until yesterday. I naturally have long nails but it’s a lot different than that. I'm yet to figure out how to open small tubs like Vaseline and Maybelline’s Color Tattoos. I really don’t know how to describe it, but I do know that it’s definitely different. Anywhos, I went to the wedding yesterday (it was my brother’s friends’ wedding) and everyone was so welcoming. Me and my sister felt very undressed as usually in Asian weddings people dress for the nines, but they were really dressed for the wedding. The girls’ makeup was soo beautiful, it only made me wish I could do mine like that. Oh, and before I forget I made myself a twitter account, there's a widget on the right hand side of this blog which you can follow me by or here.


NikkieTutorials (on Youtube) uses mens' aftershave as her face primer for makeup. The reason being that it has glycerin in it, which lengthens your makeup wear time. I bought made an online order from Superdrugs on Tuesday and it arrived on Friday. Oh, sidenote, if you have a loyalty card with Superdrugs then you can get free home delivery on anything even if it’s under £10. You just simply select home delivery and it’ll say that it costs £3 but when you’re about to pay it changes to FREE. I've been taking advantage of this since the beginning of the year! Anyways as I was saying, this works best for oily skin so I put it to test when I went to Milton Keynes and it worked but the actual test for it was at the wedding yesterday as the wedding hall was small which meant that I would sweat more (so sexy, right) and my makeup lasted all day! I took my makeup off at 1am so it was on for 7 hours and it looked just as good before, and I’d go far as saying that it looked even better than freshly applied! I will be reviewing this soon, so keep an eye out for that!

My sister brought NARS Blush Lip Contour palette, which I hate how you have product under the compartment as I feel like if you were to travel with it, then it would smash. Anywhos, it came with a mini lip gloss in Isteria which has 4ml of product in it, which is pretty close to a normal amount of product in their usual lip gloss which is 6ml. My sister gave me the mini lip gloss and to be honest, I much prefer the smaller one than the actual size as it’s much cuter. A review will be coming soon for this too! Included in the palette, is the infamous and cult favourite Laguna bronzer and their Albatross highlighter. I’m surprised their blush in Orgasm wasn’t included as they usually include that in every palette they do. I’m NC44 in MAC and Laguna doesn’t show up on my skin whatsoever. I’ve tried building it up and still nothing shows. I guess if I did happen to own this in the near future then I’d use it as a setting powder, otherwise I will be purchasing Casino soon as that’s the darkest bronzer they own and one I think would suit my skintone. Albatross looks white in the pan but has gold shimmer running through it. This needs to be applied very light-handedly otherwise you’ll run the risk of turning into a golden disco-ball. I really don’t like this highlighter as I feel that it doesn’t suit my skincolour.


I've been loving Maybelline’s Fit Me Concealer! It’s the only drugstore concealer that’s my skin colour so it isn't obvious when I have it on which I prefer. I piled this on yesterday when I couldn't do my eyeliner wing right and had to cover it up (which happened about a million times) and this did not crease whatsoever! This definitely has reached holy grail status for me.

Nazia xo

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