Wednesday, 26 August 2015

NARS Virtual Domination Palette ♡

As mentioned in this post, my brother gifted me NARS Virtual Domination Palette a week ago as an early birthday present and I have been using it everyday since. Now, I know this palette was exclusive to the holidays season last year and was limited season but the palette itself is way too beautiful to not share.

The palette, itself, costs £45.00 which does seem a lot but it has a combined retail value of £117 so you save about £84.  The actual palette gives off a Christmas-y vibe as the casing reminds me of snowflakes and icicles, which I think looks really pretty.

Included in the palette, is a highlighter (Miss Liberty), three blushes (Sex Fantasy, Deep Throat and Final Cut) and a bronzer (Laguna). A mahoosive amount of Laguna is included, as it contains more than a full-sized Laguna that you can purchase individually.

Miss Liberty is a pale, peach highlighter with warm undertones. Like MAC’S Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle, this contains some glitters too but a far less amount. Even still, it’s easy to over-do, so a light hand is definitely required since.

Deep Throat is a coral-ly pink colour with some gold shimmer running through it. This is my favourite blush in the palette and one I have been using a lot of. This gives the most natural look on my skin. I love using this with Real Techniques’ Blush Brush and Duo-Fiber Face Brush. Sex Fantasy is a pale, cool-tone pink which is very matte, which I have yet to use. I think this shade is the one I won’t use as much as I feel that the colour may look ‘off’ with my skintone, but I'm still yet to try it so who knows I may end up liking it! Final Cut is a warm-toned peach colour, that is also matte. I've yet to use this too but I tend to like using coral shades on my skintone so I feel like I may like this more than Sex Fantasy. But I’ll know when I try it. The latter two are limited edition blushes.

A cult-favourite is Laguna, one which I have developed a love-hate relationship with. Whilst I do admit it is very pigmented and I can see why it is a bloggers' favourite, I dislike the actual shade as I feel like it’s not dark enough for my NC44 skin. I work around this by bronzing my face with it, or using it for a very subtle contour. I think that Casino would be better suited for my skintone. 

I have read many reviews saying that the quality of these are not up the usual quality expected from the standard and all I can say is that, if the quality of these are not good then I definitely cannot wait to try more from NARS as these are super pigmented and blend like a dream for me!

Have you tried this palette? What’s your thoughts on it?

Nazia xo


  1. This palette looks beautiful! I really regretted not picking it up last year!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  2. What a lucky brother you have ;)
    Looks like it's a great palette!

    Xoxo Jessy

  3. I havent tried this palette before but it looks amazing!!!
    Jennie Emma

    1. If you do get the chance to, I'd highly recommend you try out this palette xx