Monday, 10 August 2015

Favourite Face Brushes ♡

I recently did a post here on my favourite eye brushes, so I thought to do a follow up post but on my favourite face brushes!

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Me being indecisive, I simply couldn't choose between these three brushes for foundation. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge was the one I bought at the beginning of the year and it’s the most quickest way for me to apply my foundation. The sponge expands when it’s dampen, as does a Beauty Blender but not as much. I squeeze out the excess water and then squeeze it out again but this time in between a towel so it’s not too wet for my liking. My most recent purchase was the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I love this brush, it buffs and blends in my foundation effortlessly and, dare I say, is much better than the Buffing Brush. This brush does take about 10 years to dry which sucks but I guess we have to suffer for beauty sometimes, aha. One of the oldest brushes I own is the eBay Round Top Kabuki Brush. This brush is the best. I featured this brush here. I love using this for everything, for buffing and blending in my foundation and concealer, to setting and ‘baking’ my face. After I've applied my foundation, I like to set my face as I have oily skin and for this I love using my Real Techniques Blush Brush to set my entire face with. Now see, my sister has this brush and her brush picks up the right amount of product so I purchased the same brush but mine picks up wayyy too much. This is probably because her blush brush is a lot older, so I use mine for setting my face instead now.

A trend that I've been personally following since two years ago is contouring. This is just like one of those things that I never did because I didn't see the point, but now that I do it, I honestly cannot imagine myself not ever doing it. Again, I was very indecisive and couldn't choose between these three. The Real Techniques Sculpting Brush is one that was released at the beginning of this year. I reviewed this here. I find this the perfect size to fit just under my cheekbones and to accentuate them. I tend to use this for when I want to do heavy contouring. Next is a new product which is Real Techniques Contour Brush. I love using this for subtle contouring as the brush is super fluffy so it doesn't place the product too harshly and it blends as it applies the product so most of the work is already done for you. The first ever brush I used for contouring, and my all-time favourite, is this eBay’s Angled Brush. This has lasted me a good two years without any shedding and the ferrule has only just fallen apart, but it’s nothing a bit of super glue can’t fix. I love this brush as it’s sort of a hybrid between the sculpting and contour brush I mentioned just before. This blends my contour like a dream, whilst dispersing just the right amount under my cheekbones. 

Since I've recently gotten a tan, and I don’t want to buy another foundation only for it to be too dark for me in about half a year, I've been bronzing the perimeters of my face. For this, I've been using eBay’s Powder Brush. Like the Angled Brush, this came in a set of 24 brushes (I think?). I love how fluffy this brush is as that enables me to bronze up my face without fear of certain parts of my face being a lot darker as this blends out my bronzer at the same time. Real Techniques Cheek Brush, from Nic's Picks, is my favourite brush for blush. This brush is quite narrowed and domed. It’s quite dense but not as much as the Expert Face Brush, so it dispenses the right amount of product. I've recently discovered how to make highlighting work for oily skin! I only highlight my cheekbones, but sometimes I like to highlight my inner corner too and rarely my cupids bow. For highlighting my cheekbones and cupids bow, I love using Primarks Stippling Brush. I talked more about this brush here. This is the perfect size for highlighting as it’s not too small nor too big. I love using this by making it just touch my skin and then softly blending it out. This allows my highlight to not look too harsh. Finally for my eyebrows, I love using a Spoolie Brush to brush my eyebrows out with before I fill them in and after so they don't look 'too done' and still look natural. I'm currently using my sisters’ one from her kit which is Rosa Line 00414 Brush but I recently bought myself one from eBay for a mere 99p! I really don't mind what brand/how much my spoolie brush costs as long it’s stiff and doesn't twirl/move when I use it.

A nice little sidenote, I featured mostly Real Technique Brushes in this post, but I'm definitely not sponsored by them, aha – I just like these brushes a lot!

What face brushes do you use on an everyday basis?

Nazia xo

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