Sunday, 26 July 2015

Whats In My Bag ♡

I love reading these kind of posts as I feel that it gives you an insight into someone’s life and their personality.

My bag is a light grey satchel that my sister’s friend brought for me about 3 years ago from H&M. It has a long handle, and a short one, but I mainly use the long handle when I'm out. This bag has lasted me soo long and the straps are yet to show any signs of wear.

In my actual bag, I carry my purse which my sister brought for me for my 18th birthday from Topshop. I looove this purse but as it’s big I do sometimes leave a lot receipts in there which makes it really heavy sometimes. Alternatively, if my bag is really heavy already then I take this small purse, which is also from Topshop (but the one I have is a cream, nude colour), with me; this is my ‘college’ purse as I only take a tiny purse to college with me for my ID and my bank card. 

I also carry my umbrella with me as English weather is soo unpredictable. Even if it’s sooo hot that I feel like I could melt, I still take it with me as there’s still a chance of rain. My headphones come with me if I'm going out alone or will be in a car/public transport for a long period of time. I don’t usually, but if my phone’s about to die, then I take my charger with me too but Samsung batteries are really good and do last a very long time. I take my ‘tin’ with me that I got free with some sanitary items, I keep my ‘monthly’ items in there just in case. My glasses case also comes with me everywhere so I can keep my glasses clean if I have to.

I also take my makeup bag with me. It’s from Primark and I think I bought it about 2-3 years ago. It’s really slim but long so I can fit the perfect amount in there. I keep my compact mirror in there, which I bought from Milton Keyne’s market, my One Heck Of A Blot by Soap and Glory as I have oily skin, and my Real Technique’s Blush Brush, which I use to apply my powder with; this is so big and fluffy so it’s easy for me to apply powder quickly and without it becoming cakey. I also bring along my current lip combination, which is currently MAC’s Taupe Lipstick and Essence’s Lip Liner in 05 Soft Berry. Both the lip liner and lipstick don’t last as long by themselves but together last through the entire day.

What essentials do you take with you in your bag?

Nazia xo


  1. Love that bag hun, looks like the perfect everyday bag to go with any look. Fab post, must try Mac Taupe now :)


    1. Thanks and yep it does. You definitely should, its the best nude ever xx

  2. I also always need an umbrella, even though it's "summer"! xx

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