Friday, 31 July 2015

July Favourites ♡

2015 only started last week and here we are, already halfway through the year; time has flown by soo fast. June was a month that had me feeling all over the place, but it did have some definite favourites.

I've been loving the Real Techniques Contour Brush a lot recently. I use this for my concealer, subtle contouring, blush, highlight, literally everything though not at the same time of course. Another brush I've been loving is my eBay Round Top Kabuki Brush; I love this for baking, contouring also, bronzing and for blending/buffing my foundation in. it just does all those things and blends them in seamlessly at the same time. This brush is part of the Kabuki Brush Set I bought about a year ago and will be reviewing soon. ;)

My favourite lip combination of this month has been Essence’s Lip Liner in 05 Soft Berry alongside MAC’s Taupe Lipstick. Neither of these last a long time by themselves but together last through everything and anything! The lip liner slightly darkens the nude lipstick, but I prefer this to be honest. 

I've been loving two foundations this month. The first is L’Oréal’s True Match Foundation which is actually a shade light for me as I've got a tan recently but I blend this in so it’s not noticeable. This lasts about 5-6 hours on my oily skin. This month I got matched up to the shade Spiced Sand in Estee Lauders Double Wear Foundation. I received the sample and still have a bit left! This lasts all day, even when I had a cheeky little nap! My older sister was ever so kind and bought me this foundation and I'm so lucky and grateful I received it!

I bought Wilkos Smoothing Light Reflecting Primer and have only recently started using it now. This costs about £3 (I think) and really does smoothen your skin, making it look and feel soft. This primer also lengthens my foundation wear-time which is fab. I've also been wearing eyeshadow every time I go out now thanks to Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in Creamy Beige. If you've been reading any of my posts this month, then you’d know that I am obsessed with this. This is a perfect base for my eyeshadow and really does lengthen the wear-time of my eyeshadow from about 2-3 hours to 12+ hours, even lasting through the nap I mentioned before.

What have been some of your favourites this month?

Nazia xo

Lip Liner Collection ♡

Since discovering lip liners last year, I've been buying a lot and have been trying to expand my collection of them.

lip liner collection, budget lip liners

My first lip liner was from the brand Essence. These retail for just £1 and are super creamy and not dry like MAC ones that drag on my lips. I have bought many Essence lip liners and never cease to dislike them. 05 Soft Berry was the first one I bought and is my all-time favourite. I've lost count of how many times I have repurchased this. It’s a deep mauve-y brown colour which is a ‘my lips but better colour’. I feel comfortable with these colours the most. 15 Honey Berry was the next one I brought. A berry colour with pink undertones, this is a colour I don’t wear as much as I should as I feel like its super bright against my skintones. 06 Satin Mauve is essentially the same as 05 Soft Berry but much lighter with lilac-y pink undertones. This colour reminds me a lot of Lime Crime’s Cashmere as it’s a perfect grey-beige hybrid. 

My sister bought Maybelline’s Moisture Extreme Longwearing Gentle Precision Lip Liner in 69 Mocha Café and didn’t like it so she gave it to me. It’s a cool tone brown colour which I like wearing under lipsticks that I want to tone/darken down a bit. I bought the next three when I went to Milton Keynes. Sleek’s Eau La La Liners are so pigmented and creamy. They last about 4-5 hours and stain your lips which is always a plus in my books. I have the shades Lingerie, which is a deep mauve-y red colour, which is very similar, if not a bit darker, to MAC’s Lip Liner Soar, and Venom, which is a deep purple colour that’s very suitable for Autumn and Winter even though I still wear it in Summer. I also purchased Natural Collection’s Lip Lines Lip Liner in Mulberry, which is a colour very close to Essence 15 Honey Berry, if not a tad pinker. These do not drag on your lips whatsoever and buildable to the preferred colour.

I recently went to London and visited the Kiko store there for the first time! The store is tiny but it does have most items in stock which is quite good. I picked up their SMART Lip Pencil in 710 Rouge Noir. This is the colour I envisioned MAC Rebel to be, a deep purple colour. I love wearing this colour as it dries matte so lasts a long time but doesn't dry out your lips. Next is Topshop’s Lip Liner in Deception which I featured here and here. This is a tad lighter than Sleek’s Venom but is a beautiful colour nonetheless. This is sooo drying on your lips but I like this as it does mean that it’ll last a long time then. The colour reminds me of MAC’s Rebel Lipstick as it’s a raspberry red colour. Lastly is Rimmel London Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in 057 Ravish which is a marsala colour with reddish-brown undertones. This looks more of a soft red colour on my lips which may be my go-to lip colour now - a nice change from Essence 06 Soft Berry which I have been wearing for half a year now.

What’s your favourite lip liner?

Nazia xo

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Favourite Eye Brushes

This month I have been wearing eyeshadow non-stop since I've discovered a way for it to not crease on my oily eyelids! I use some brushes, a few of which have quickly have become my favourites.

eBay’s 217 Brush Dupes – one is the tiniest bit shorter than the other and squarer, but both blend my eyeshadow soo easily. I use the squarer one to apply shadow to my lid too. I have washed both of these a lot and they have yet to shred/break.

eBay Flat-Top and Round-Top Eyeshadow Brushes – these are part of the kabuki brush sets that can be found on eBay easily and are supposed dupes of Sigma brushes. I looove the round-top brush, so much so that I have two of them! I love using this brush to blend out my shadow with. I use the flat-top brush for blending too but I much prefer the round-top brushes as they’re slightly denser than the flat-top ones.

Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush – this is part of Nic's Picks but also a part of their Start Set (which mine one just fell part as I was writing it, eek). This is a smaller version of the original one, but I love using this version for patting on eyeshadow onto my lid, as it really packs it on.

Real Techniques Angled Shadow Brush – I use this for applying shadow to my crease and for blending it out, so I kill two birds with one stone!

I'm going to be purchasing Zoeva’s 227 Luxe Soft Definer Brush and 221 Luxe Soft Crease Brush soon to add to my eyeshadow brush collection.

What are some of your favourite brushes/would recommend?

Nazia xo

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The Gold Edit ♡

the gold edit

the gold edit

Last time I was talking about my beloved bronze colours here, and now it’s the turn for golden products. I sometimes (read - occasionally) buy products for their packaging and if it happens to be gold, then the likelihood of me buying it increases instantly!

The first is Maybelline’s The Nudes Palette. Despite not having gold packaging, the fourth shade on the top row is a beautiful gold colour. It’s not metallic-y nor glittery, just a plain, good, old, gold eyeshadow with some shimmers running through it.

L’Oréal’s Lumi Magique Stylo Touche De Lumiere obviously takes its inspiration from YSL Touche Eclat. It has beautiful rose gold packaging, looking sleek and gorgeous. I have the shade ‘medium’ which is an off-white colour. This colour is way too light for my skincolour but I use the slightest amount and blend like a b*tch so it’s not as noticeable. This sets super fast so I have to work quickly otherwise I’m stuck with some white lines on my face – definitely not a good look!

Gerard Cosmetic’s Lipstick in Cherry Cordial is a beautiful deep red colour which I reviewed here. The packaging reminds me of MAC lipsticks but these look so much sleeker due to its metallic gold packaging, but it does get dirty/smudges easily which sucks.

Next is a drugstore item which won’t break the banks. 17 Eyeshadow in Chalice is a yellow-toned gold which has no glitter, just shimmers. This blend effortlessly to a slight sheen so I like to build up the colour as to my preference as I like wearing it all over my lid.

I recently bought L’Oréal’s Colour Riche Eyeshadow in 500 Gold Mania which is a much more intense version of 17’s eyeshadow mentioned just before. This blends so easily and feel super soft. When blended, it isn't as sheer as 17’s eyeshadow, which I like. I absolutely love the packaging too, it may have closed the deal when I deciding to purchase this. I featured this here.

Milani’s Baked Blush in 01 Dolce Pink is, what I’d say, a blush-highlighter hybrid. I use this sparingly as I don’t want to achieve a clown’s level of blush. It has very fine glitter in it that isn’t at all noticeable and look more like shimmers. The packaging is gold and so so so beautiful. I don’t like how bulky the packaging is though as it’s an awkward size so it doesn’t fit in my shallow acrylic drawers, only the deep ones.

A golden highlighter I love is Makeup Revolution’s Radiant Light in Glow which is an iridescent gold colour. Less is definitely more as it’s quite easy to over-apply and look like a glitter-ball (i.e. what I did about a month ago). This is more like a soft colour as it has very, very slight pink tones to it. Nevertheless this still looks gorgeous worn. I also love the packaging, it looks so sleek but it does get dirty easy which sucks.

What golden makeup products have you been wearing recently?

Nazia xo

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Elf Blush Palette

elf blush palette, elf blush palette review

Me and my sister both purchased these Blush Palettes from ELF. She bought the one in Light and myself the one in Dark. The way these blushers are, seem like a ‘click’ system where you can purchase your own single and place them in the palette as the blushes can come out. However ELF have yet to sell them separately on their website but I do hope they sell them soon. In the Light Blush Palette, you receive a matte warm brown blush, a matte bubblegum pink blush, a slightly darker blush and a shimmery peach-y pink blush. These colours would definitely suit someone whose skin is light to medium, as I don’t think they would show up on someone who is dark. In the Dark Blush Palette, you receive a slightly dark pink blush with orange-y/brown undertones, a purple-pink hybrid blush, a matte deep-red blush and a shimmery deep pink blush with brown undertones. This would work on all skintones, however it could be a bit too dark for those who have really light skin so a light hand would be required. 

These palettes have 4g of product, which would be 1g per blusher, which isn’t much to be fair. However these palettes do have a mirror in them which would be beneficial if you were to use this out and about.

Have you tried these blush palettes? What’s your opinion on them?

Nazia xo

Monday, 27 July 2015

Project Pan

The amount of makeup I buy now, means that I rarely hit pan on products. This means that I'm less likely to finish them so they’re more likely to expire and go funky thus equalling to me losing my money’s worth. I have, though, hit pan on a few of products, some of which I have owned for a few years and others which I have bought recently.

project pan

17 Glitter Eyeshadow in Chalice is a gorgeous gold colour which has been used a lot, evidently shown by the massive amount of pan seen. This is probably one of the oldest eyeshadows I own and one I love. I love wearing this with a soft brown in my crease. Rimmel London’s Glam’Eyes Trio Eyeshadow in 621 Orion was my first ever palette (if that) I ever owned. The deep brown colour was the most used colour in this miniature palette as I just loved wearing it in my crease. I don’t know why I stopped wearing this as this colour is definitely up my street. I don’t like AVON’s Eyeshadow Primer in Light Beige so I really don’t know how I've hit pan on it. This is wayy too thick for me to use and won’t set, but I will try to finish this as I don’t want to waste it. Perhaps I just need to use the smallest amount and it’ll work?

Soap and Glory’s One Heck Of A Powder was a splurge for me as I have a student’s budget and cannot afford to spend too much money (i.e. over £10) on makeup. However this has lasted me since February (I think?). I’ve hit pan on this majorly and this is because this is so damn good. This keeps me matte for soo long and I would definitely recommend this to every oily skin gal. Next up is MUA’s Blusher in Cupcake, which is a bubblegum pink blusher. This lasts me about 4-5 hours I’d say but I don’t really expect much from it as it costs just £1. Last, but by no means least, is Sleek’s Face Contour Kit in Medium. I only use the contour side as it’s a perfect cool toned colour for my skintone. I looove using this but it is easy to overdo on it, resulting in bruise-like features on your face. I don’t like the highlighter side as I just feel like it doesn’t suit my skintone.

What products have you hit pan on?

Nazia xo

Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Sunday Edit #2

E A T I N G 

This week I've been having fried egg on toast for breakfast and it's soooo good. God, I forgot how much I loved this. We also ordered some pizza this week which was delicious and meant that I had pizza the morning after, win-win! I'm still undecided though about whether I like pizza with just vegetables more than the one with both vegetable and meat.  I also bought a huuge mug from Wilkos, which can hold up to two normal mug servings and is well lush. Yesterday morning, I made some pancakes for myself and my family and they tasted soo good, even if I do say so myself. I still can't have more than 2 pancakes otherwise it makes me feel a bit sick, but they taste really delicious with Nutella and strawberry jam (though not at the same time.)


I washed my makeup brushes this week. It felt like such a chore to do but I just love using clean brushes when I'm doing my makeup, so much so that I've been cleaning them a lot more recently. I've also had several baths this week just so that I could use my bath comforters and bath bombs from Lush. My favourite so far has been Space Girl – it turns your bath into a gorgeous swirl of pinks, purples and blues and it smells soo good. My sister also bought me Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation which I am so grateful for and I can’t wait to use it!


My sister’s Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette arrived the week before and she let me try ‘Freshly Toasted’ and I am in love with it. I seriously cannot wait now til I buy this palette! I have also been wearing nudes non-stop this past week – MAC’S Taupe Lipstick alongside Essence’s Lip Liner in 05 Soft Berry create the most gorgeous colour that I've been rocking. I can’t wait til it’s Autumn though as this hot and humid weather is really irritating me. Also, I'm not sure if anyone has realised but I've decided to blog everyday now as that is what I think is most appropriate for me.

B U Y I N G 

I bought a backup of my Garnier Micellar Water as mine is nearly finished and the new packaging is so eww. I don’t know why they changed the packaging and I much prefer the old packaging, so much so that I nearly didn't buy the beckup simply because of the packaging – I just hope they haven’t changed the formula alongside the packaging.

Nazia xo

Whats In My Bag ♡

I love reading these kind of posts as I feel that it gives you an insight into someone’s life and their personality.

My bag is a light grey satchel that my sister’s friend brought for me about 3 years ago from H&M. It has a long handle, and a short one, but I mainly use the long handle when I'm out. This bag has lasted me soo long and the straps are yet to show any signs of wear.

In my actual bag, I carry my purse which my sister brought for me for my 18th birthday from Topshop. I looove this purse but as it’s big I do sometimes leave a lot receipts in there which makes it really heavy sometimes. Alternatively, if my bag is really heavy already then I take this small purse, which is also from Topshop (but the one I have is a cream, nude colour), with me; this is my ‘college’ purse as I only take a tiny purse to college with me for my ID and my bank card. 

I also carry my umbrella with me as English weather is soo unpredictable. Even if it’s sooo hot that I feel like I could melt, I still take it with me as there’s still a chance of rain. My headphones come with me if I'm going out alone or will be in a car/public transport for a long period of time. I don’t usually, but if my phone’s about to die, then I take my charger with me too but Samsung batteries are really good and do last a very long time. I take my ‘tin’ with me that I got free with some sanitary items, I keep my ‘monthly’ items in there just in case. My glasses case also comes with me everywhere so I can keep my glasses clean if I have to.

I also take my makeup bag with me. It’s from Primark and I think I bought it about 2-3 years ago. It’s really slim but long so I can fit the perfect amount in there. I keep my compact mirror in there, which I bought from Milton Keyne’s market, my One Heck Of A Blot by Soap and Glory as I have oily skin, and my Real Technique’s Blush Brush, which I use to apply my powder with; this is so big and fluffy so it’s easy for me to apply powder quickly and without it becoming cakey. I also bring along my current lip combination, which is currently MAC’s Taupe Lipstick and Essence’s Lip Liner in 05 Soft Berry. Both the lip liner and lipstick don’t last as long by themselves but together last through the entire day.

What essentials do you take with you in your bag?

Nazia xo

Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Concealer Edit

I've only recently started using concealers and this isn't because my skin is perfect as my skin is definitely far from perfect but because I didn't really see the point of it and to be honest I still don’t. I only use concealer to conceal my undereyes which are hereditary. If I try using them on my actual blemishes and spots, it puts more attention on them as I can’t find any concealers dark enough for my skin (except for one) (sad times). 

Soap and Glory’s Kick Ass Concealer, LA Girl’s Pro Conceal in Warm Sand, Rimmel’s Wake Me Up, L’Oreal’s Lumi Magique Stylo Touche De Lumiere, Maybelline’s Instant Anti-Age The Erase Age Perfect and Cover Conceal, Maybelline’s Fit Me Concealer in the Shade 35 Deep, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

The first ever concealer I bought was Soap and Glory’s Kick Ass Concealer in the shade Medium. I wish I bought this in light as that one has a salmon concealer and a skintone one, whereas the medium concealer only has 2 skintone concealers. Nevertheless this is thick and is very full coverage so will cover anything and everything. It also has a powder which I don’t use all the time, but it’s quite good.

After that I bought LA Girl’s Pro Conceal in Warm Sand which is quite pink so I like using this under my foundation as extra coverage. This is probably the most heavy duty concealer I have – it’s full coverage, is super creamy and doesn't creasy whatsoever.

The next two concealers were given to me by my sister (I honestly think half of my makeup collection was given to me by my sister aha). She didn't like Rimmel’s Wake Me Up nor L’Oreal’s Lumi Magique Stylo Touche De Lumiere. Rimmel’s concealer is my favourite concealer. I love this thing. Whilst it is very light and shimmery, I personally think that this helps conceal and brighten my undereye area. I have this in the shade Soft Beige. The L’Oréal concealer is in 2 Medium and is white. This contrasts my skin so much but I do love it for brightening up my undereyes too. This one sets really fast so I blend and work with it very quickly. These two concealers don’t crease at all, even without setting them.

Maybelline’s Instant Anti-Age The Erase Age Perfect and Cover Conceal is one of the most hyped up concealers in the blogosphere. I have this in Nude which is extremely light for me. I really do hope drugstores start producing their foundations and concealers for people who are very pale and darker, as it’s such a pain for me to buy the darkest colour in the foundation yet it’s still light for me. This concealer isn't full coverage but more medium coverage. It’s super easy to blend though. I rip the little sponge off as it soaks up the concealer so wastes it. This creases soooo much. I will set this and it will still crease and this annoys me sooo much; this is definitely one of my least favourite concealers.

Maybelline’s Fit Me Concealer in the Shade 35 Deep is one of my newest purchases. This is supposedly the dupe of Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. This concealer is super creamy and thick, so gives full coverage. I haven’t tested this out yet so I'm not sure whether it’ll crease or not but I hope not, fingers crossed. UPDATE: I used this the day after I wrote this post and it definitely did not crease on me. Also, this concealer is my skin colour. I have finally found a concealer that matches my skin and this makes me very happy!

What are your favourite concealers to use?

Nazia xo

Friday, 24 July 2015

Recently Rediscovered #1

Since I’ve developed a tan (curse you, the one hottest day in England ever), I've found my Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation a bit too dark for me. Due to this, I've been wearing my L'Oreal True Match Foundation and have fallen head over heels in this foundation. The shade I wear, in my opinion, is one shade too light but this foundation blends seamlessly so it’s not obvious. It dries satin but more on the matte side which is heaven for me as I have oily skin. I still set this foundation and it lasts about 6 hours which is not bad for my oily skin ;). I' ve been trying to find a new primer as my current one has been reformulated (I think?) as it no longer works for me which sucks. I remembered that I owned Wilkos Kiss Prime of Your Life Soothing Light Reflecting Primer, which is everything that GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer used to be. The name can be slightly misleading as it doesn't exactly reflect light but I prefer this due to my oily skin. This primer makes your skin look super smooth and so soft that I often wonder why I stopped using this.

I've been more of the ‘less maintenance’ for my brows recently. I still groom them, I just spend less time filling them in as I'm more of the natural brow look. I've been loving L'Oréal’s Brow Stylist Plumper as it fills them in with fibres making them look thicker and much better effortlessly. This doesn' t make your brows ‘crispy’ which can easily happen. I haven’t worn eyeshadow out, since January I’d say, as my eyelids are wayyy too oily for that and since it creases instantly I don’t see the point of wearing it. This was before Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in Creamy Beige entered my life. This is supposedly a dupe for MAC's Paint Pot in Groundwork which I don't own. Using a small amount of this, I apply some onto my eyelid using my ring/index finger and blend using a brush. The key is to not apply too much or too little as then it won’t crease. This lasted me over 12 hours (I took it off after 12 and a half) and lasted through a mini nap I had! I featured this colour tattoo here. I blend this out using Makeup Revolution’s Mono Eyeshadow in Mocha Love which is one of my favourite eyeshadows at the moment. This is my current eyeshadow look at the moment which lasts all day!

My love for MAC’s Taupe Lipstick has been rekindled. I have a love-hate relationship with this lipstick; I love how this doesn't wash me out and is the perfect nude for my NC44 skintone, however it’s super creamy even though it’s matte and doesn't last long without a lip liner and it makes my lips soo dry after I've taken it off. I reviewed this here. I like wearing this with Essence’s Lip Liner in 05 Soft Berry. This isn't a lip liner I've rediscovered as much as I've been wearing this nonstop since November/December 2014 (wow, stuck in a routine much) but I do like how this looks paired with the lipstick, making it slightly darker.

What have you recently rediscovered?

Nazia xo

Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Bronze Age

I've been loving me some bronze colours recently. The just look gorgeous on tanned skin and me being naturally tanned (NC44), I've been wearing more bronze colours as deemed more summer appropriate.

Revlon PhotoReady SkinLights Face Illuminator in 400 Bronze Light, Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in the shade On and On Bronze, Collection’s Work the Colour Solo Eyeshadow in 3 Baked Bronze, Collection 2000 Colour Intense Solo Eyeshadow in 16 Truffle Ruffle, Maybelline’s The Nudes Palette, Topshop’s Highlighter in Horizon, bronze eyeshadows

Revlon PhotoReady SkinLights Face Illuminator in 400 Bronze Light is the one I use for highlighting my cheekbones or just mixing in my foundation for an all-over-glow. It’s a mid-brown colour which has some shimmers in it, making me look effortlessly healthy and glow-y.

As mentioned in this post, I’ve been hooked onto eyeshadows! A cult favourite is Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in the shade On and On Bronze; a beautiful bronze colour with some shimmers. I use this all over the lid and it instantly makes me look made up. Collection’s Work the Colour Solo Eyeshadow in 3 Baked Bronze is a gorgeous deep bronze-y colour which I like using either on my lid or in my crease. This has been my favourite to wear the past couple of weeks. Another favourite is Collection 2000 Colour Intense Solo Eyeshadow in 16 Truffle Ruffle; you can see how much I love this as since purchasing it the company has changed its’ name to just Collection. Maybelline’s The Nudes Palette, featured here, has a lovely selection of colours, although could be better for darker skins. The fourth shade on the bottom row is a beautiful bronze colour, nearly deep enough as Collection’s Baked Bronze eyeshadow.

One of the first highlighters I ever purchased was Topshop’s Highlighter in Horizon; a mid-deep bronze colour which would suit those even with the lightest of tans. I love wearing this across my cheekbones!

What bronze makeup products have you been wearing recently?

Nazia xo

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Recent Purchases #4

I know I mentioned in this post that I was skint but I didn’t realise that I still had some money left over and that I would be getting money on Eid! So obviously I had to go shopping again! Though this time I actually bought the item I set out to buy (plus a few others).

I've been searching for some eyelashes that I could wear for Eid (which was about half a week ago). I really wanted some natural eyelashes that weren't too long as I wear glasses. Now, the idea of wearing eyelashes may seem stupid for me as I wear glasses, but the reason was because when I was about 8 I decided to cut half of my eyelashes off, god knows how I managed not to cut my eye. It’s not noticeable when I wear mascara but I just really could not be bothered that much to wear as much mascara as I usually do. I originally wanted Eylure Naturals Lashes in 020 or 015 but they were out of stock for a few days on the Superdrugs' website and in-store. Instead I picked up Wilkos Natural Lashes which only cost a pound! These looked super natural once worn, which is exactly what I aimed for! They feel heavy on and you can definitely feel them on, but to be fair I haven’t worn lashes in about two years so this was very likely to happen.

I also picked up Wilkos Kiss 3 in 1 Cleansing Water as my Garnier Micellar Water is close to finishing so I decided to pick up a cheaper, alternative. Fingers crossed, this will work just as good. I went past the Essence stand and got their Silky Touch Blush in 70 Kissable. This is super silky to touch, so soft and the colour is so beautiful – a beautiful mauvey-pink with some shimmers.
My local Poundland has started selling branded makeup so I bought Rimmel London Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in 57 Ravish. These usually cost £3.99 so I got it at such a bargain. The actual lip liner is twistable, which is such a time saver for me as I tend to avoid using lip liners that are blunt as I despise sharpening them. The actual colour is a marsala with reddish-brown undertones. From Superdrugs, I finally picked up an eyeshadow I've wanted in aaaages. I honestly don’t know why I kept on taking it out of my basked since it costs a measly £1. Makeup Revolution Mono Eyeshadow in Mmmm is a beautiful orange-brown hybrid, these are my favourite eyeshadows to wear as they compliment my skintone the most. The eyeshadow name is quite strange, I feel like if it had to be called Mmmm then it should be 3 m’s, not 4 otherwise it should've been given a completely different name. I picked up Natural Collection’s Blushed Cheeks Blush in Sugar Plum from Boots. I honestly hate how this stand isn’t looked after as anymore. The lights don’t work and half the products are opened/broken, which is such a shame as they do have some good bargains. This blusher is a matte mauvey-pink colour which feels super soft to touch, I only hope it lasts all day but with a price-tag of £1.99 there isn’t much to complain about.

Wilkos Natural Lashes, Wilkos Kiss 3 in 1 Cleansing Water, Essence Silky Touch Blush in 70 Kissable, Rimmel London Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in 57 Ravish, Makeup Revolution Mono Eyeshadow in Mmmm, Natural Collection’s Blushed Cheeks Blush in Sugar Plum, L’Oréal’s Colour Riche Eyeshadow in 500 Gold Mania, Stila’s In The Moment Palette, Primark Plain Fake Nails, I Love… Raspberry and Blackberry Bubble Bath and Shower Crème, Space Girl, Creamy Candy Bath, Ickle Baby Bot, Think Pink, recent purchases

My sister picked up L’Oréal’s Colour Riche Eyeshadow in 500 Gold Mania but decided it didn't suit her so she gave it to me. I'm really into bronze and gold eyeshadows right now, so this couldn't have been mine at an even perfect time. It’s a yellow-toned gold colour with some shimmers running through it; such a beautiful colour with even more beautiful packaging! I picked up Stila’s In The Moment Palette from Tkmaxx at such a bargain which I will be reviewing soon so watch out for that soon! From Primark I bought some Plain Fake Nails which I currently have on at the moment. They feel sturdy but I've only had them on for about 6 hours to be fair. They’re a grey colour with a hint of pink, but look a lot pinker against my skin colour. The day after, they started to come off and it really annoyed me so I took them all off; I definitely do not recommend these even if they do only cost a pound.

Wilkos Natural Lashes, Wilkos Kiss 3 in 1 Cleansing Water, Essence Silky Touch Blush in 70 Kissable, Rimmel London Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in 57 Ravish, Makeup Revolution Mono Eyeshadow in Mmmm, Natural Collection’s Blushed Cheeks Blush in Sugar Plum, L’Oréal’s Colour Riche Eyeshadow in 500 Gold Mania, Stila’s In The Moment Palette, Primark Plain Fake Nails, I Love… Raspberry and Blackberry Bubble Bath and Shower Crème, Space Girl, Creamy Candy Bath, Ickle Baby Bot, Think Pink, recent purchases

After finishing the mini version here, I finally bought the original bottle of I Love… Raspberry and Blackberry Bubble Bath and Shower Crème. This smells sooo good, I love the smell of berries so I was obviously going to love this. Going on with the bath item theme, I went into Lush. I've gone there a lot of times before but have never actually purchased anything. I decided to look up pictures of how Space Girl looked and brought it only because makes your bath look mega pretty. I also picked up Creamy Candy Bath which is a Bubble Bath Slice. The smell of this over-empowered my tiny, box bedroom for a week and at first it was sickly but I got used to it. Today I went Lush again and picked up their Ickle Baby Bot because it was too cute not to and Think Pink which looks soo pretty.

What have you recently bought?

Nazia xo

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Real Techniques Brush Collection

Since wearing makeup from a young age, I've dabbled in various different ways of applying makeup; one technique was brushes which I still use now. There are various brands of brushes in the market, but one brand that stands out is Real Techniques. I’ve only started using their brushes this year and have a small collection of them.

Real Techniques Brush Collection

The first is their Blush Brush. This brush is a big, fluffy, tapered brush but it’s way too big for me to use for blush, so instead I use it to apply pressed/loose powder with. As I've got oily skin, this brush allows me to mattify my face instantly! One of my recent purchases was the Sculpting Brush. It is a wide angled brush which allows me to contour my face with ease. It’s dense so a light hand is needed, yet at the same times it’s soft so it’s easy to blend out any harsh lines with. I reviewed this brush here.

Real Techniques Brush Collection

One of my favourite brushes is the Expert Face Brush – I featured this brush here. Like the Sculpting Brush, it’s wide and soft however it’s not angled. I love using this for my foundation; it blends and buffs it so seamlessly and like a dream, making my foundation look undetectable. What I despise, however, is how long this brush takes to dry. Years seem to pass, yet it’s still wet – I really should buy a backup of this brush. The Contour Brush has many uses for me. I blend out my undereye concealer with it, or subtly contour my face with it. I like how small it is as then it’s easy to be precise with it. The Pointed Foundation Brush is one that, in my opinion, is wrongly named; if I was to use this brush to apply my foundation with, all eternity would pass before I would be finished. I like using this brush to apply my undereye concealer with. One of the smallest brushes I own is their Detailer Brush – it’s about a third of my pinky finger! I love using this to ‘clean’ my eyebrows with. Once I've filled my eyebrows in, I use this brush along with the tiniest amount of my foundation to clean under my eyebrows for any mistakes, etc. I know people use concealer to do this with, but, in my opinion, it can look super obvious and not highlighted as they want it to. The last three brushes I just mentioned are part of the Core Collection. I passed the Buffing Brush to my sister as I really didn't like that.

Real Techniques Brush Collection

I love using their Base Shadow Brush to get an instant sweep of colour across my lid. It also allows me to pack on shadow, and even blend it out! Their Brow Brush is one that I don’t use as much - reason being that I find it too thick to use on my eyebrows but then again I might just be using it wrong. I do like it for pressing shadow close to my lash line as it’s perfect for that. This brush is part of the Starter Set.

Real Techniques Brush Collection

Nic’s Picks are really aesthetically pleasing to the eyes; the monochrome colour scheme just makes them look so chic! The Duo-Fiber Face Brush is the ideal brush as it’s such a multi-tasker. I use it to sweep off excess powder from when I ‘bake’, for blusher, bronzer or just simply for loose powder. This brush is ridiculously soft compare to the other ones. The Cheek Brush is the one for blusher. It ‘dispenses’ the perfect amount of blusher so it’s so quite hard to over-do and look like a clown. This is the perfect brush size too, for my face, as it’s dense but not too dense as it’s still super soft. Another Base Shadow Brush is also included in this set. It’s a slightly smaller and denser version of the original, so it’s perfect for packing on shadow on the lid. I use the Angled Shadow Brush in my crease, to blend out any harsh lines. Like all the other brushes, it’s very soft so definitely doesn't feel scratchy. The last brush is an Eyeliner Brush which I do use for gel liner if I ever (rarely) wearing it, otherwise I use it for my eyebrows and packing on shadow close to my lash line.

Real Techniques Brush Collection

The last product I have my Real Techniques is their Miracle Complexion Sponge. It’s orange, but unfortunately mine is stained. I use this by running the sponge under the tap, allowing it to expand to double its size. I then squeeze out any excess water and then squeeze out any water again but this time with a towel. The reason I do it twice is because I have oily skin and otherwise I feel it’s too wet for my face and doesn't apply foundation properly. This blends out my foundation like a dream and has been my go-to product for so the past couple of months.

I featured these brushes here and here.

What Real Techniques do you own/would recommend?

Nazia xo

Monday, 20 July 2015

Topshop Makeup | Brand Focus

Until near the end of 2014, I didn't know Topshop sold makeup, I thought they only sold overpriced clothes. I remember watching Becca Rose’s makeup collection video and, she had hoarded some Topshop lipsticks that were limited edition and I realised that their makeup must be good if people were buying multiples of a lipstick.

My first makeup purchase was a Mini Matte Lip Bullet in Get Me Bodied which is a gorgeous deep berry colour. The pigmentation is excellent. With just one swipe, a very opaque colour is given. Since this is matte, it does last about 4-5 hours supposing you don’t eat/drink that is. My next two purchases were their Lipsticks. I have the shades Wicked, which is very similar to Get Me Bodied but with a red undertone and is a satin finish, leaning a bit on the matte side; Inhibition is a deep burgundy colour with purple undertones and is a matte finish. These lipsticks have ah-maaazing pigmentation and last about 4-5 hours too. I love wearing these colours as it gives me so much confidence.

My sister bought the Highlighter in Horizon, which they don’t unfortunately sell anymore, however I do believe that they bring this particular highlighter out every so often. Since it didn't suit her skintone as much as she’d like, I bought it off her. With a massive 6.5g of product and being very pigmented, this highlighter is sure to last a long time. As it has a very distinct golden colour, this would be better suited to those with a tan or a deeper complexion. This highlighter lasts all day so there is no need to top up your makeup – but honestly who tops up their highlighter anyways.

I bought a Lip and Cheek Stain in Bitten Berry for a mere £1 as it was on sale in Topshop. i can't find a link for this online so I think they've stopped selling this too. I honestly cannot find a way to wear this product, so I definitely will be binning this and won't be recommending this to anyone. My sister bought their Kohl Pencil in Coal which I have tried a fair few times. Now, I know you’re not meant to be sharing makeup and that but she’s my sister, obviously I’ll be using her makeup from time to time like all sisters do. I really despise this Kohl Pencil. I wore it on my tightline as eyeliner doesn’t last long on my waterline and this transferred from my tightline onto my waterline. This was the first time any eyeliner has ever done that and it completely shocked me as I really didn’t expect that. As mentioned in this post, I bought a Lip Liner in the shade Deception which is a tad lighter than Topshop’s Lipstick in Wicked. These two would be the perfect pair together! This dries matte and lasts about 3-4 hours without any eating/drinking.

What products do you like from Topshop’s makeup range?

Nazia xo

Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Sunday Edit #1

I've decided to make a new series on my blog, where I basically talk about my week and essentially just ramble on (as if I don’t do that enough anyways). This will be a place for my thoughts and weekly happenings etc.


I've been baking a lot this week. I found this recipe here on how to make jam tarts so have continuously been making some. As I have a sweet tooth, I add about 5-6 teaspoons of sugar to the dough and it’s so unbelievably delicious especially with strawberry jam. I've also been having wayyy too many samosas and kebabs but that’s the perks of Ramadhan, I guess aha. Since Ramadhan finished this past week and we celebrated Eid yesterday, my mum bought an abundance of juice, specifically Rubicon’s Mango. I haven’t had this in a while and I’d forgotten how good it tastes; I've been having it non-stop now.


I've done some shopping this week so do expect a 'recent purchases' soon. I got a few bits and bobs for Eid and ended buying some additional things that I apparently didn't realise I wanted until I saw them! My sister brought Zoeva’s Cocoa Blend palette and it’s even more beautiful in real life! The colour ‘freshly toasted’ is the perfect soft orange-brown hybrid and I'm so tempted to buy my own. Speaking of eyeshadows, I've been experimenting with them some more. I've found a new technique of wearing them that allows it not to crease on my super oily eyelids in this hot weather of an excuse that England currently has.


I dyed (well, my sister did) my hair last Wednesday. It’s a lovely deep purple colour which I love! I originally started dying my hair because it’s naturally super dark brown, almost brown and I hated it as in the summer my hair would look greasy even though it wasn't and I felt as if my hair colour wasn't me which is ironic now because my hair looks black now but goes purple in the sunlight. Nevertheless I love my hair colour the way it is now.

Talking about change, I recently watched Em Talks' 'You Look Disgusting' video and it made me sad to think that people would say such disgusting words to her. It showed me that no matter how much someone changes themselves/their appearance, there will always be people who will hate/criticise them so there is no point in trying to please them.


As mentioned in this post, I've been watching Rachel Leary’s youtube videos and it makes me jealous of her blending skills. Her makeup looks are always flawless and only makes me wish I could do my makeup as good as hers.

Nazia xo

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Current Wishlist #3

I last posted my current wishlist in February here. Some items were bought, whereas some of them are still on my wishlist.

The first is Urban Decay's Primer Potion. I've realised that the travel size edition is better value for money as you get 1g less with the normal size. I'm currently using Maybellines' Color Tattoo in Creamy Beige as a base/primer which works wonders and lasts up to 10 hours on my oily eyelids! Hopefully Urban Decay's allows my eyeshadow to last much longer than that. Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer is a primer that I hope works on my oily skin. My current primer (GOSH's Velvet Touch Foundation Primer) was reformulated near the end of last year and doesn't do much for me anymore. I discovered MAC's Oil Control Lotion on Instagram recently and I really hope it does live up to its claims. Like the Primer Potion, the travel size edition is much better value for money; the 30ml costs £10, yet the 50ml costs £24.50. Purchasing two travel size would set you back £20 with 60ml in total, which is a a lot cheaper than the normal size AND you receive more product. I'm hoping this makes me oil-free for the entire day. Estee Lauder's Double Wear Foundation is my current fave! I have the sample of this and it matches my complexion perfectly. It lasted all day for me, even when I had a nap which usually results in a very oily face. I'm extremely excited for this foundation especially.

I've recently been into makeup brushes a lot. On my list is B. Blush and Contour Brush. My sister has this and it is super soft, even soft than Real Techniques' brushes. This is an angled brush, so it would be perfect for contouring for me. B. Powder Brush is another brush I feel like I need in my collection. I recently saw Rachel Leary use Morphe's G2 Gun Metal Pointed Buffer Brush and I have fallen in love with it. She presses her under eye concealer with this and it blends flawlessly. Zoeva brushes have blown up in the blogosphere. I've been lusting after their 102 Silk Finish Brush and their 227 Luxe Soft Definer Brush which is a dupe for MAC's 217.

I have been wearing eyeshadow a lot more now, since I have been using Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Creamy Beige. Urban Decay's Naked Basics 2 Palette is one I feel I need. The shades in the first basic palette seemed too light for me, but these colours are perfect. The palette is also ideal for travel, which I have yet to find a palette for. BeautyBay recently had up to 40% off so the price for this palette had decreased to just over £13. Had I not been a skint student, I would've definitely picked it up for myself. Zoeva's packaging (and colour shades) have yet again convinced me that I need their palettes too. Their Smoky Palette and Cocoa Blend Palette are to die for! The packaging is super pretty and the shades are ones that I would definitely wear so it's kind-of like an essential, right?! With a price tag of £15.50, these are worth snapping up!

MAC are renowned for lipsticks. I'm a bit on the fence about them, as I mentioned here. I'm currently lusting after Verve which is a muted brown-plum colour which would definitely suit my skin, Hang Up which is one I have been after forever - it's a deep berry colour which has my name all over it! Creme In Your Coffee is a pink-brown colour which I'm hoping will be a 'my lips but better' colour.
MAC have a new collection out (which will arrive in the UK in August!) which will have all matte lipsticks, and the best part is that this collection will be permanent! I will be snapping up Studded Kiss which is a beautiful dark oxblood colour. I don't have a shade like this in my collection but I do think that Gerard Cosmetic's Lipstick in Cherry Cordial may be a possible dupe, perhaps. Persistence is another shade I will definitely be buying - it's a warm brown colour with orange undertones, a lot like MAC'S Taupe!

What's currently on your wishlist?

Nazia xo

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Foundation Brushes

Wilko's Premium Foundation Brush, EcoTools' Flat Foundation Brush, Real Techniques' Expert Face Brush, eBay's Flat Top Kabuki Brush Round Top Kabuki Brush, foundation brushes, review

When I first began wearing makeup (about the age of 9/10ish), I remember vividly using a sponge applicator to apply foundation with. The result was a very thick, cakey layer of foundation, Oh, how the times have changed for the goods. These days, there are many brands pushing out brushes that you can use to apply your foundation with. I think I have found the one brush that applies it flawlessly, but alas it has a fault too. Over time, I have accumulated five foundation brushes that I use in rotation.

The first is Wilko's Premium Foundation Brush which is a lot like a traditional foundation. What I like about this brush is that it's thick so that helps me blend my foundation out more and not leave any streaky lines. I remember seeing these brushes in Wilkinsons' for the first time and thinking that they were heavily influenced by Real Technique brushes, as shown by the colours used. This foundation brush is synthetic and has quite thick bristles, yet they are still soft and do not shed. I love how weighted this is, and the best part of this brush is the price - mere £4!

EcoTools' Flat Foundation Brush is a much smaller and thinner version of the Wilko's Premium Foundation Brush. The handle is made out of bamboo, which concerned me as I thought that it would rot maybe when I washed the brush, but that was quickly disapproved. This brush dries super fast and doesn't shed either. The bristles are quite soft too. Whilst I like this brush, I also dislike how how thin it is, as this makes it prone to leaving streak lines.

Real Techniques' Expert Face Brush is my favourite after the Wilkos' one. This is my second 'foundation' brush from Real Techniques. The first being their foundation brush, which I found to shed a lot and had very long bristles, therefore was hard to use. This brush blends my foundation seamlessly. I have found that it 'drinks' my foundation, as in the foundation is easily soaked but I don't mind this as it means that I won't apply too much foundation on. One thing that really bugs me is that this brush takes soo long to dry, nearly two whole days in the summer! Nevertheless I think that's worth it.

The last two are eBay's Flat Top Kabuki Brush and their Round Top Kabuki Brush, which are part of their eight kabuki brush set. These brushes are super soft and don't shed whatsoever! I've owned these for nearly a year now and they have yet to break/shed. These are dupes for the Sigma brushes, and personally I think that they are just as good, if better!

What are your favourite foundation brushes?

Nazia xo

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Beauty Products | Worth The Hype?

Many beauty products are raved about and so, many people buy them. Many times they are satisfied but every so often we can be disappointed. This post will attempt to help you from those that are worth the hype and those that are duds.

Beauty Products Worth The Hype, cult beauty products, real technique brushes

Real Technique Brushes | featured here

I own two sets and various others of these brushes. They are incredibly soft to touch and makeup is applied flawlessly with them, with no streaks. They don't shed whatsoever meaning they will last a very long time. The brushes are made from Taklon bristles which are synthetic, so are 100% cruelty free. They can be washed easily and dry super quick, except for the expert face brush which seems to take a hundred years to dry.

Beauty Products Worth The Hype, cult beauty products, mac lipsticks, fresh sugar lip treatment, revlon colorburst matte balm

MAC Lipsticks | featured here, here, here

These are a cult in the beauty world, due to MAC's extensive colour and finish range. In all due honesty, I'm a bit on the fence about these. Whilst they don't last as long as they claim too, they do have a large colour range so there will definitely be a colour suited for everyone. The only matte lipstick I do own (Taupe) feels super creamy on my lips and lasts about 1-2 hours maximum, yet it dries my lips after I have removed it. Rebel, a cult lipstick colour, which is nearly always described as a dark berry is nothing like that. It's more of a raspberry purple, which disappointed me as I like my berry colours dark. The only one I am truly satisfied with is Amorous. A deep pink with purple undertones with a cremesheen finish, this is by far my favourite and it lasts 4-5 hours.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Berry

This is a definite favourite of mine. This can be disguised as a lip gloss due to the hint of colour and it helps/soothes my chapped lips. My lips feel very smooth after using this so it definitely works! I have the mini version which is super cute.

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Sultry 

This is a beautiful pink colour on my lips, which somehow suits me. It definitely isn't matte, however it does feel mega creamy on my lips so they don't dry out whenever I use this. These smell of menthol which does put me off from using it, however the colour is so nice that I almost always use it!

Beauty Products Worth The Hype, cult beauty products, maybelline color tattoo, maybelline great lash concealer, maybelline instant age rewind concealer, benefit roller lash mascara, collection fast stroke eyeliner

Maybelline Color Tattoos | featured here, here

I own the colours Creamy Beige, Permanent Taupe, Chocolate Suede and On and On Bronze. Creamy Beige has such a je ne sais quoi about it. It's a boring colour, yet is so versatile. It can be used as a eyeshadow primer/base or just by itself. On my oily eyelids they last about 6 hours before it starts creasing, which may not seem much but it's the longest any eyeshadow has lasted on me in summer.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara featured herehere

A lot of people are disappointed with this mascara, but I personally love this mascara. It has small wand so all of my lashes are coated evenly and quickly. This mascara lengthens my lashes, making them look naturally long which is what everyone wants, right. This mascara is super black which is my preference.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

This concealer is considered holy grail by many, but it's yet to be for me. I do like it, as it does conceal my undereyes and doesn't crease whatsoever however it's nothing special. Also, the colour range is so ridiculously small that I don't understand how so many people find the colour for them.

Benefit Roller Lash featured herehere

This mascara is the bomb. It lengthens, curls AND thickens my lashes; all without having to use an eyelash curler. I absolutely love this. However there is one thing that annoys me, but that is partly my fault. If you do have any leftover mascara from the day before, even the smallest amount then this mascara will clump so badly.

Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner featured here

I used to use this eyeliner religiously a few years ago. Boots ran out of stock of these and I began to use Rimmel's Exaggerate Liquid Liner. I recently bought the Collection eyeliner and I detest it so much. It might just be because it's new but the actual brush is so sharp and hard that it hurts so at the moment I'm using the brush from the Rimmel with the Collection eyeliner.

Beauty Products Worth The Hype, cult beauty products, urban decay long lasting all nighter makeup setting spray, mac fix plus, garnier micella cleansing water

Urban Decay Long-Lasting All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray | featured here

My makeup lasts all day with this. It used to be melted by midday but now it'll last until I decide to take it off. I spray it before I apply my foundation, so sandwiched between my foundation and primer, and after I've done my makeup. This is a saviour for all oily-skinned girls!

MAC Fix Plus

I still don't like this to set my makeup with or refresh it. However, when I do get a dry patch on my face (which is rare) I use this and it helps it so much. My foundation doesn't apply patchy to the area after.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water | featured here

I use this to remove my makeup with and it does what it's supposed to. However I do have to use about 5 cotton pads which sucks. This cleans and cleanses my skin of any makeup and doesn't leave any sticky residue!

What raved-about beauty products do you think are worth it?

Nazia xo