Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June Favourites ♡

Real Techniques Duo Fibre Face Brush, Real Techniques Detailer Brush, Real Techniques Sculpting Brush, Rimmel London Exaggerate Liquid Liner, Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Cleansing and Toning Lotion, Boots Essentials Cucumber 3 Minute Clay Mask, NSPA Pure Fragrance, Orange Is The New Black, The L Word, Netflix, monthly favourites, june favourites

This month has gone by so fast; it feels as if it was only yesterday that May started and now June is in a day.

I have been loving the Real Techniques Duo Fibre Face Brush (part of Nic’s Picks) for blush this month. Since this is a duo-fibre brush, it picks up very little product so I can go as heavy handed as I want. This also means that there is very-to-little chance of me looking like a clown with my blush as I can build up my blush myself. I featured this brush here. The Real Techniques Detailer Brush (part of the Core Collection) is one that I thought I wouldn't use as much. It’s very small so it’s perfect for ‘cleaning’ under my eyebrows. I have been into bronzing more than sculpting recently and the Real Techniques Sculpting Brush is one I have been using for doing so. This blends my bronzer like a dream, however it’s quite hard to blend my contour with, which sucks. I featured these brushes here. I’ve recently been into a full face of makeup, despite the surprisingly hot weather here in England. For me, a full face of makeup isn't complete without winged eyeliner. I have been using my Rimmel London Exaggerate Liquid Liner which applies effortlessly. This is super black, dries matte and lasts all day, even on my oily eyelids and through rain! I featured this liner here, here and here.

I recently bought Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Cleansing and Toning Lotion which I use after washing/exfoliating my face. I honestly thought that toning was a useless step, but now I understand it. Toning, for me at least, gets rid of excess dirt and tones your skin too. My face feels super clean, yet not too clean now that I have this extra step in my skincare routine.  I have been using face masks a lot recently, as my skin has gotten bad recently (but this was all sorted by a simple trip to the doctors). One I have been using religiously is Boots Essentials Cucumber 3 Minute Clay Mask, this deep cleans my skin without making it feel dry, which is usually quite hard to find in clay masks. My sister recently bought NSPA Pure Fragrance and I have been ‘borrowing’ it from her for most of this month. This smells soo good; it reminds me of men’s perfumes but like a woman’s version of it, if that makes sense.

The world went crazy for Ruby Rose this month, as series 3 of Orange Is The New Black came out early. I started watching this last month (May) and within watching the first 5 minutes I decided I didn’t like it. I realised how ridiculous that was of me to judge a whole series on just 5 minutes, so I began to watch it again and became hooked! Series 3, for me, was not what I expected it to be. The storyline was really dull so I’m really hoping series 4 will be much better. I have also been loving The L Word, so much that I watched the last 4 series in 3 days! I really don’t like the character Bette, she’s super controlling and just really dislike her. I really wasn’t feeling her storyline with Jodi, I always skipped those parts. My favourite storyline (and couple) was Tasha and Alice. I really disliked their storyline in the last series as it felt forced, but apart from that their storyline was really interesting. Both of these can be watched on Netflix.

What have been some of your monthly favourites?

Nazia xo


  1. I really need to try the RT Sculpting Brush!!
    It sounds amazing!
    Jennie Emma

  2. I've been raving about that tea tree face wash for ages, its amazing for refreshing your skin and at such a budget price! Great post Nazia! Lydia Eve, www.mydaisychaincloset.blogspot.co.uk xx

  3. The Boots Essentials Cucumber 3 Minute Clay Mask is definitely something I'm going to check out!