Friday, 12 June 2015

Best Under £5 Beauty Products

As I'm a student, I tend to mostly buy drugstore products. Through trial and error, I have found products that work for me and do live upto their names. I previously did a Top 10 Under £10 post here. In this post I included items that only cost less than £5.

(These products are in no particular order)

The blogosphere went crazy for this and this does live upto the hype. I featured this in my post here. I wouldn't say they cleanse your skin, but they definitely do remove your makeup. For waterproof makeup, i.e. waterproof mascara/eyeliner, etc., I soak the cotton pad and place it on my eyelid and press ever so lightly for about 10 seconds and then wipe away. You do have to be patient otherwise you'll end up with some of the product in your eye (which stings so badly).

These are supposed dupes of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders but I don't own them so I can't really say so. Nevertheless these are so frickin' beautiful. I have been using Breathe every day since I've bought this. It's definitely a subtle highlight so it's okay if you do overload on this (a.k.a what I do all the time).

I've been using the loose powders since 2011 I'd say. They set my makeup so well, I used to use them to blot my makeup as my skin is oily but they don't work as well for that. I use this for that now. I recently bought the pressed version which I don't like as much but that's mostly because I prefer loose powder to set my makeup. I honestly refuse to pay more than these cost for loose powders as they are the best. I even tried to 'bake' which is when you use an excess amount of loose powder on places you wish to highlight and then leave it on for about 10-15 minutes and wipe it away.
You're not supposed to use transculent powders (which these are) so I was shocked when it actually worked. Lesson being do whatever you want with your makeup, don't let others tell you otherwise.

I used to use these back in the days, circa 2012, for dark eyebrows, think sharpie eyebrows *shudders* I now know use these to fill in my eyebrows not to draw them in like I used to. These last all day, whether it be raining or you're sweating, these won't budge at all. So you're definitely getting more than your money worth.

These are supposed to be dupes of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. I don't own them so I can't say but nevertheless I love this palette. It suits my skintone so well. There are light and dark shades, which are all nude colours which is basically my kind of heaven as I love neutral eyeshadows. These last all day, however an eyeshadow base/primer is required to get the best of colour pay-offs.

This mascara does what it says and so much more. I don't want to say more as a review for this will be up soon ;) but it is the best mascara I have found.

These lipliners are matte yet not drying and last a long time - as long as you're careful eating and drinking that is. They're super pigmented and are mega cheap. My go-to colour is soft berry which is the perfect deep brown nude colour for me.

When I first bought this, I used this everyday but I've stopped as I started my love affair with my Milani Baked Blush in Dolce Pink. This colour is the perfect pale coral-pink hybrid which would suit nearly all skintones. These last all day - I wore it for 13 hours and it didn't fade whatsoever.

These are super pigmented and last all day. I chose matte colours as I tend to lean towards matter colours than other types. The colours I own are so beautiful and I can't wait to buy some more!

The colour pay-off of these is just simply wow. They are like the Makeup Revolution eyeshadows but 10× better as they are so much more pigmented. The shadows link together (as suggested by the name) so you can create your own miniature palette I guess.

I absolutely love this! This makes my skin super matte, which I prefer as I have oily skin. I'm currently too dark for this colour so off I went to purchase one shade up and it seems that they were replaced by their face bases; I really hope they don't stop selling these are these are the best foundation I have ever found. I would only recommend them to those who have oily skin as they're so matte that they'd make you dry if you had any other type of skin.

Previous to this product, I used a hair serum which was made specifically for African hair and since I have super thick and dry hair, I used that which used to calm down my hair. They stopped selling that in my local hair shop, which was a pretty sad day. Someone recommended this to me and of course I had to buy it. The bottle looks so small but honestly it lasts such a long time. I use 1 pump throughout the ends of my hair then I use a pump per section as I straighten it as my hair is naturally quite frizzy. I hate the smell of this but overtime I've gotten used to it. I've read reviews online of this where people say they love the smell of it but its far too sweet and sickly for me. I tend to wash my hair at night then straighten my hair so its not frizzy for the next day as as I sleep it gets less frizzy. However last week I couldn't do this and so I had to wash and straighten my hair and go out within a few hours of this. I was honestly so scared my hair was going be frizzy because it usually is soon after I've done my hair, but after using about 10 or so pumps of this, my hair wasn't frizzy whatsoever and it didn't look oily/greasy either so this gets two thumbs up from me!

In my Top 10 Under £10 post I talked about a budget brush brand - Real Techniques. However Wilkos Premium Brushes are the budget brushes of all the budgets. These do not shed whatsoever and do their job well. I have my eye on their foundation brush next.

Last year I spotted this product in my local Superdrug so I bought this and lo and behold this is one of my holy grail products (as are most of the products on this list). This is the perfect contour shade for my skin colour, not too warm or too cool. I can see how this can be too orange for those who are pale so I'd recommend swatching this if you can, to determine whether it'll work for you. I found out this year, that this product is a dupe for Benefit's Hoola Bronzer which is quite ironic as I don't like that.

I hope this helps you in choosing which drugstore products are best for you!

What under £5 beauty product would you recommend to someone?

Nazia xo


  1. this brush looks fab, just like a RT one but cheaper! x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  2. What a wonderful post, definitely need to invest in some of these!! :)