Saturday, 4 April 2015

Travel Makeup Bag Must-Haves

Whenever I go out, whether it be to college, shopping or wherever, I usually take my makeup bag with me. The actual makeup bag is quite small which is good as then I don't take too many things with me. I take the necessities plus my lip colour/combo of the day. My mirror, which I think is from Milton Keynes market near the shopping centre, is only a few pounds and has a normal mirror and a close-up mirror which is good for on the go. I also, always, have my Soap and Glory's One Heck of A Blot and Primark P.S. Love Kabuki Brush with me. I use this to blot away any shine as I have oily/combo skin so this is a lot. Superdrug's The Little Soothing Tin moisturises y lips so I always have it with me for any lip-relief. Lastly, I take my No7 Eye Colour Brush with me as this is the only one that is small enough to fit in my makeup bag. Also, since I have oily/combo skin, my eyeshadow sometimes creases so this makes sure that I can sort out any 'creasiness.'

What are your travel makeup bag must-haves?

Nazia xo

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  1. Just happened to stubble across your blog and I really like it. Whenever I go travelling my main thing that I take is concealer and powder (usually one that contains a mirror in the compact) just to do any quick touch ups. xx