Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Empties #1


This is one of the oldest products from all my empty products and I've only just realised that I have the old packaging. I have this in the colour 'silky beige' which isn't my colour but to be honest they only have 3 shades in the range so none of them are my colour anyways. This is super translucent so it doesn't really matter what colour I get and does what it says and I would definitely repurchase this.

The shades available are neutral translucent, warm translucent and cool translucent. I just buy any as I can't really tell a difference in the shades. I always have back up of these and have been using these for years and they last a long time and keep me matte. I've already repurchased this!

This was my go-to foundation last summer and autumn and I have since repurchased this but haven't had a chance to use it as I have a million and one foundations already opened. This works so well on my oily skin; it lasts all day and doesn't fade anywhere which is quite rare as I usually sweat my foundation off during the day.

I think because I had high expectations for this product, I felt disappointed by it. Whilst it did make my foundation last 5-6 hours, my foundation still faded near the end of the day which is kind-a suck-ish as I felt let down by this. Because of this, I won't be purchasing this again.

I originally bought this as MissMeghanMakeup a.k.a Meghan Hughes uses this but then I realised that she used Great Lash Lots Of Lashes which isn't available in the UK. Nevertheless this mascara works wonders for my lashes, making them instantly longer and thicker. I already have a back up of this but I'm still on the fence about repurchasing this or not.

My sister originally bought this and I tried it too and hated it. This product wasn't for her unfortunately so she gave it to me and I tried it again and loved it. I don't use this as a primer as I don't feel like it makes your makeup last longer, rather I use it to blur my pores out which it definitely does and I have already repurchased this too!

I started using this about 2 years ago I'd say and am still using it which shows how much I freaking love this. I used to use it harshly so it used to run out really quick, but now I use it gently and more softer so it lasts me upto a year or even longer! I repurchased this too because it's super affordable and is so good.


Argan Oil Hair Mask (£1.00)
This has saved my hair; it used to be super dry and dull but now is soft and nourished and is even growing again! It was featured is this post. This is a definite repurchase for me!

My sister bought me this and it's part of a set which has 8 mini sizes of all the bubble bath and shower cremes and this is one of my favourites so far. It has a such a lush smell; it smells of berries. I will definitely be buying the original version of this and perhaps even the body butter version!

This has saved my lips as they were super dry because of the cold weather, here in England, Whilst I like this product as it does help my chapped lips, I sometimes find it super hard to open and because of that I won't be repurchasing this.


Versace 'Red Jeans' (75ml - £14.99)
Next 'Diamonds'
Gucci 'Flora' (30ml - £45.00)
Avril Lavigne 'Black Star'

These are such good-smelling perfumes that I will probably repurchase. Most of these have quite floral smells, whereas Red Jeans is perfume that, I would say, is better suited to maturer women, but nevertheless they all smell just as great!

Nazia xo

Friday, 10 April 2015

Hair Savers

Back in Year 7/8 I had quite thick and nourished hair until I discovered straighteners in Year 9 and began to straighten the hell out of my hair. Since my hair is super thick and curly, it takes it quite a while to straighten my hair, so before I knew it I was burning my hair and damaging it.

Fast-forward to now, where I still have thick and curly hair but it's extremely damaged and dry. Through trial-and-error, I have found a few items which have helped my hair out a lot. Coconut oil (which I stupidly forgot to photograph, oops) is a god-send! One of my sisters used to apply this to her hair and then wash it a few hours later. I never got why she did this, til I asked my mum who told this benefits your hair. Since then, every Sunday now I put coconut oil onto my scalp as soon as I wake up and then I leave it in there for a good 4-5 hours. I give it a good rinse after, shampoo my hair twice and hair feels good as new (if only).

Another product, which is a literal hair-saver, is my Argon Oil Hair Mask, which I get from my chemist for a pound, but Poundland stock this too now! This hair mask is super thick than what I'm used to. I apply this to my hair after I've shampooed it and my hair is left oh so soft and smells lush too. I have stopped using conditioner again too so I don't know if that's helping my hair too.

I have a love-hate relationship with Schwarzkopf Got2Be Tame and Shine Styling Oil. Whilst it does make sure my hair isn't frizzy (which is a mega benefit as my hair naturally is quite frizzy), it has a slight smell to it which I don't like. It smells sweet, but too sweet for my liking but I've gotten used to it now so it doesn't bother me as much now. I use this after I've washed my hair and it halves the washing time and also just before I straighten my hair. One thing though, don't apply this to the top of your hair, only the tips of it. I did the former and my hair looked greasy. Applying it to the tips helps my hair look healthy and shiny, but not at all greasy.

Nazia xo

Monday, 6 April 2015

What's My Face Worth #2

It's been a while since I've posted one of these; my last one was posted here.


Nivea Soft Moistursing Cream £5.20
GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer £12.99
Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser £7.99
MAC Fix+ £15.50
Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation £6.99
Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer £10.00
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer £5.49
Natural Collection Loose Powder £1.99
Soap and Glory One Heck Of A Blot £12.00


Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil £2.99
Maybelline Brow Drama £4.99
Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix Brow Kit £2.50


Makeup Revolution Flawless Eyes Like Angels Eyeshadow Palette £8.00
Maybelline Great Lashes Mascara £4.99
Soap and Glory Smoudler Kohl £5.00


Sleek Face Contour Kit in Medium
Topshop Highlighter in Horizon £10.00


Essence Lipliner £1.00
Carmex Lip Pot £2.49

TOTAL: £126.10

This is a good £50 more than my previous 'What's Your Face Worth'!

I tag anyone who's reading this to do this! Comment down below if you do this so I can read your posts too.

Nazia xo

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Travel Makeup Bag Must-Haves

Whenever I go out, whether it be to college, shopping or wherever, I usually take my makeup bag with me. The actual makeup bag is quite small which is good as then I don't take too many things with me. I take the necessities plus my lip colour/combo of the day. My mirror, which I think is from Milton Keynes market near the shopping centre, is only a few pounds and has a normal mirror and a close-up mirror which is good for on the go. I also, always, have my Soap and Glory's One Heck of A Blot and Primark P.S. Love Kabuki Brush with me. I use this to blot away any shine as I have oily/combo skin so this is a lot. Superdrug's The Little Soothing Tin moisturises y lips so I always have it with me for any lip-relief. Lastly, I take my No7 Eye Colour Brush with me as this is the only one that is small enough to fit in my makeup bag. Also, since I have oily/combo skin, my eyeshadow sometimes creases so this makes sure that I can sort out any 'creasiness.'

What are your travel makeup bag must-haves?

Nazia xo

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Recent Purchases #1

I bought all these items over three months so I don't feel as bad for spending this much money.

The first item I bought was the Real Techniques Nic's Picks Limited Edition Set (£29.99). They were on sale for £19.99 so I save a tenner which was great deal as then it was about £4 per brush. In the set is an angled shadow brush and a base shadow brush, which I use in rotation to sweep some eyeshadow across my lid, an eyeliner brush, which I use for apply minimum concealer on my face as I don't wear gel eyeliner, a duo-fibre face brush, which I use to contour with, and a cheek brush, which is obviously for blusher. These brushes are ridiculously soft even after washing them and don't shed at all which is a plus. I also got the Real Techniques Blush Brush (£9.99) and Expert Face Brush (£8.99). I bought the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush from my sister as unfortunately Real Techniques doesn't sell this one individually. 

I also bought Wilkos Stipple Brush (£4.00) which is so soft and I use it for highlighting. The one I have says 'foundation brush' on it even though it is definitely a stipple brush and the other ones sold in Wilkinsons say 'stipple brush' on it too. This doesn't shed after washing either and is just as soft after too. EcoTools is a brand I have never bought from before and will definitely purchase from in the future! EcoTools Flat Foundation Brush (£7.99) is honestly such a good brush and is super soft. I had to use this brush with my foundation alone this morning as my beauty blender was still wet and this brush blended my foundation so well. The last two brushes were from eBay; they were MAC 217 and MAC 239 dupes (both 99p)and they are ridiculously soft. I was hesitant to use the 217 dupe as it looked as if it would be scratchy but it's actually not which was a pleasant surprise!

Next is the Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask (£1.00) which has transformed my hair so much; paired with the Scwarzkopf Got2b Oil-licious Tame and Shine Styling Oil (£4.19), my hair is no longer as dry and brittle as it used to be. I picked up Superdrug's The Little Soothing Tin (currently 99p, but usually £1.49) which moisturises my lips, preventing them from becoming chapped. Makeup Revolution Antibacterial Brush Cleaner (£5) has a unique smell which I like but it does linger on the brushes. It definitely does clean my brushes so fast and they dry within 10 minutes. I also picked up Nivea's Daily Essentials Hydration Primer for Normal/Combination Skin (currently for £3.32, but usually £4.99) which I'm yet to try but can't wait to.

I bought two MAC lipsticks from a lovely girl on Depop: Up The Amp and Craving (£15.50 each) and I'm still trying to convince myself that the former suits me. Sleek Face Countour Kit in Medium (£6.49) is one I picked up and having been using everyday since. I pair this with the Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Face Brush. Primark P.S. Love Kabuki Brush (£2.50) has very quickly become one of my favourite brushes. I use this to apply powder all over my face to set my foundation as I have oily/combination skin. The best part about this product is that it doesn't even shed after washing which is sometimes a problem with cheap brushes. Topshop Highlighter in Horizon (£10.00) is such a beautiful highlighter. I use this with the Wilkos Stipple Brush and sweep this slightly above my cheekbones. This highlighter is golden so matches my skin perfectly. I Heart Makeup Eye Primer in Matte (currently £2.99, but usually £4.99) is one you only need the tiniest amount of, as a little goes a long way. Primark P.S. Love Brow Pencil in Dark (£1.00) is a good budget brow pencil. It is very pigmented but is very dark, almost black. Makeup Revolution Amazing Curl Mascara in Black (£2.00) definitely does curl your lashes but doesn't lengthen or thicken them so this mascara is good for on those days you want naturally-curled lashes.

What are some of your recent purchases?

Nazia xo