Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Best Concealers | For Oily Skin

Long time, no see! I've been swamped with college work and that so I haven't had the chance to write up blog posts, unfortunately. I've also lost motivation to keep my blog up-and-going but my blog does keep me busy so I'm not slowly going insane. Anyways enough about me and my shenanigans, I'll get straight into this post!

So I have oily-combination skin which I freaking hate oh so much. I'm oily mostly in my t-zone but it's so bad, almost like an oil-slick (sexy, I know). Now, when I use concealer it does sometimes slip around or settle into my fine lines - I'm only 18 so what's up with my fine lines a.k.a wrinkles - so I do have to be picky (not that I'm not anyways) on which ones I use.

LA PRO Conceal saves my skin, seriously. It's thick enough to cover any imperfections and blend so well. There is quite a large colour range too which is pretty good as usually drugstores don't cater for super pale and super dark girls; it's as if they think everyone is olive-toned or something. A little definitely goes a long way with this, so this will definitely last a really long time. It doesn't crease or turn oily or slip anywhere; it stays put where you apply it to. Now, this is an American brand which isn't readily available to the UK but beautyjoint.com post to the UK and don't even charge customs, wooh. Be cautious though as the more you put into you basket, the higher the post and packaging become. What I like to do is buy 2-4 products every now and then as then the post and packaging won't be sky high.

Rimmel Wake Me Up is ridiculously liquid-y and has bits of glitter in it - so overuse can result in becoming a glitter-ball, such fun. Rimmel says it's full coverage and I say hell-to-the-no it's full coverage. The coverage is super lightweight but it does awaken the undereye area. The colour range isn't that large, yet again showing how drugstores think we're all bronze goddesses. I have hereditary dark circles (thanks mum and dad!) so I apply this generously and it lightens my undereyes whilst still looking natural and not ashy.

Soap and Glory's Kick-Ass Concealer is one I picked up because I have always wanted to purchase a Soap and Glory item and because Boots had a 3 for 2 going on - kudos to Boots for the clever marketing technique. Anyways this has three steps. Step one is to brighten your undereyes which this step definitely does, step two is a concealer which I use on top of the brightening one and step three is a translucent setting powder which is way too light for me. There is literally only two shades in the range: light and medium which is ridiculous as not everyone can purchase it. The powder, I use sparingly and it works fine for me. The concealer is so thick and covers up imperfections but is slightly too thick to blend. This does last all day on oily skin and the packaging with all the puns is a plus for me!

Nazia xo

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  1. Great post! I've always heard that the Rimmel concealer had glitter and as a fellow oily-skinned girl, that always terrified me. But now, you've changed my mind and I guess I have to check it out now :)


    Xoxo Jessy