Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Beauty Blender Dupes?

Left to right: eBay Beauty Blender #1Real Techniques 
Miracle Complexion Sponge, eBay Beauty Blender #2
Beauty blenders remind me of when myself and a lot of people used to use makeup sponges to apply foundation with when I was quite young. Since, people have been using brushes or beauty blenders or perhaps both together.

I bought eBay Beauty Blender #1 first and it was soo good. The pointy bit can be used to apply concealer or foundation in the hard-to-reach areas. I used the flat top to apply and blend my foundation with. This cost a mere 99 pence from eBay. When this brush split (after half a year) I bought another one (shown in the picture) however this one is way too hard even when damp so it's rendered useless. It's a bit of a hit-and-miss with these.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is one I purchased quite recently. It cost £5.99 which is quite reasonable. This is a god-send as it blends your foundation flawlessly, however it's really hard to apply foundation with.

eBay Beauty Blender #2 also costs just 99p but this one has lasted me a year or so. It allows you to apply and blend your foundation so it's a two-in-one product. I did buy a back-up of this recently but like ebay Beauty Blender #1 the latter was too hard to use.

All of these do expand when moistened. Since I have oily skin, I hesitated to use it damp but I have found that if I wetten the sponger then place it in a towel and squeeze it, then excess water is taken out and it doesn't make my already oily skin worse. 

My sister owns an actual beauty blender but they are super titchy, about the size of a finger if that. They do expand a lot if they're wet too, but I don't think I will be actually purchasing an actual beauty blender any time soon as my dupes are just as good!

Nazia xo

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