Friday, 23 January 2015

MUA Undressed v Makeup Revolution Iconic 2

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Left to right: MUA Undressed,
Makeup Revolution Iconic 2

MUA Undressed was, and is, the first palette I have ever owned (if you don't count quads that is) and has such gorgeous colours. It has three matte colours and nine metallic ones, which are all super pigmented though there is some fall out. It has 9.6 grams of product and costs £4.00, and the is made of very thin plastic. I think this is why the lid of mine has already fallen off. I featured this here, where I posted a swatch of my favourite colours.

Makeup Revolution Redemption Iconic 2 is a supposed dupe of the Naked 2 by Urban Decay. This is my sister's unfortunately as I'm yet to buy my own one (but I'm super excited to). This also cost £4.00 and has three matte colours and nine metallic ones too, a lot like the MUA palette. There is 14 grams of product and the packaging itself is slightly thicker and made out of plastic. It isn't strong but definitely feels sturdier than the MUA palette.

Overall, I'd buy the Makeup Revolution palette as you get 4.4 grams more and has little fall out, plus the packaging is less likely to break.

Nazia xo

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