Friday, 10 October 2014

Fit Me Foundation and Stick Review

I bought the foundation in the shade soft honey (315) a few months ago and the foundation stick, also in the same colour, recently. I apply the foundation religiously with my stippling brush and it blends in so quickly, giving a flawless look. I bought the foundation stick, not really looking up reviews and so I had high hops for it. I found that it tends to move quite easily when I apply it so I dab it with my brush now in order to blend it in, which is quite a lengthy process. Also, it is supposed a 'no shine foundation stick' which I disagree with strongly. It seems to make my face look even more shiny. Due to this, I use the foundation stick as a concealer/first base/first layer of foundation and then I wear a layer of the fit me foundation. I have found this way a lot easier and it makes my foundation flawless. However I do have to say that throughout the day my foundation does tend to cling to my imperfections, but this can be easily fixed by applying a layer of translucent powder. I highly recommend the foundation, but not the stick unless you want to use it as a concealer.
Fit Me Foundation price: £7.99
Fit Me Foundation Stick price: £8.99

Comment below any suggestions, Nazia xo

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  1. I love the fit me stick instead off the foundation, i've got both the liquid and the stick and im always reaching the stick more x