Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Real Technique Brushes Review

Disclaimer: I am no way affiliated with any company.

I haven't blogged in a few weeks. mostly because I don't really have any idea on what to post but also because I'm currently doing A2 at college so I'm quite busy.
This review was written by my sister for my blog, so is not my personal opinion whatsoever, however is hers.

'I own the core collection and have purchased the powder brush, blush brush and the expert face brush individually.

Core collection: This cam in a set of 4: buffing brush, contour brush, foundation brush and the detailer brush. The brushes are really soft and do not leave any streaks on my face, unlike other make up brushes that I have had in the past. I used to use my buffing brush as a foundation brush as it used to apply my foundation on smoothly, however it broke after five months of me purchasing it sadly. The contour brush allows me to contour my face, without leaving any harsh lines. The foundation brush, I found, was too small for me to use it as foundation so I used to use it as a concealer brush. However, I felt as if it wasn't soft like the other brushes and also it tended to leave streaks where ever i applied my concealer so I threw it away. I'm yet to use my detailer brush as I haven't found a use for it yet. Price: £21.99

Powder brush: This brush is really soft and is quite big. I found it easy to apply my powder with this brush, without it leaving a lot of product on my face. Price: £12.99

Blush brush: I love this brush. The fact that it has a pink handle is an added bonus. It is a perfect dome shape which allows me to apply my blush a lot easier. Price: £9.99

Expert face brush: This was a soft brush , just like the other ones. However, I didn't like this brush as it picked up too much product and left me looking cakey and also wouldn't blend in my foundation no matter how hard I tried. Price: £9.99'

Comment below any suggestions. Nazia x 

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